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What can I say to explain that my next blog, Number 65, is not ready?

Perhaps to say that both my Winzip and Adobe software – all paid for – went down at same time over the last weekend of the month? Well that’s not a satisfactory excuse for me or my readers. More to the point I have been in in and out of the VA ER these past few weeks with spine maladies that originally started in a WWII bomber crash in England but only recently began to cause spasm problems whenever seated (Like in front of a PC).

I will “Overcome” as the good Dr. King may have said so please bear with me – excuses were never in my lexicon. Good Lord willing Blog 65 will be out before the Holidays. Which does give me a great opportunity to wish everyone  a healthy New Year – whenever that happens to arrive for you – as one’s health is our most prized possession, believe it!

Julie and Julian


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