Never Climbed His Mountain
One Life's Journey To The Heights And The Abyss (Second Edition)
By Julian Gladstone

Looking for a “quick read” (that you will soon forget)? This isn’t it! But if you wish for a narrative more relevant to your own life, of an imperfect human beset with anxieties and sexual demons, of triumphs and heartaches, searching for “success” without knowing its meaning and a God he briefly touches—then the following “Contents” becomes the bones, the skeleton. Only within this book’s covers will flesh and sinew be revealed along with unexpected gems of places and famous people, of personal peril, and unique slants of observation. The Gladstone Legacy Co. promises that this is one memoir you will always remember.

Click the underlined topics for a selected passage.

The Journey Begins

Into The Business World

  • Job Hunting Fiasco - World Not Waiting For Me

  • Mexico - To Produce Motion Pictures
       Bull Fights - An Art Form?
  • Hollywood And California
       Mingling With Film Stars In The 1950s
       Stranded By Father
       Touching God While Hitchhiking
       William Kapell - A World Class Pianist

  • New York City - Columbia Pictures
       University Settlement House - What Is Right Or Wrong
       Pat Penn - A Lost Soul
       Catch Father Cheating

  • Montreal—A Difficult Uncle’s Millinery Business
       Is It Love?
       Join J. Pascal Hardware Company–The First Large Home Improvement Center
       Back To Millinery And Quit Again

The Journey Continues

  • Return To New York
       Lewis & Conger–Fight For Name Of Famous Store
       Rebuilding On Manhasset’s Miracle Mile
       Lewis & Conger Folds
       Stint At George S. May Consultants–Strange Antics

  • Montgomery Ward–Wealthiest Retail Chain Without A Clue
      Training In Albany
       Assignments In Rhode Island, New Hampshire And Virginia
       Store Manager In West Virginia

  • Grand Union’s Grand Way–Entering Discount Retailing
       New Jersey, Vermont And Connecticut
       Meeting With CEO

  • Los Angeles–A Step Up Retail Ladder
       Golfing As A Full Time Job—Almost
       Chain Splits—Out Of Work
       Traveling Salesman in Central California

  • Back To New York For Interview—Gaylords, A Family Business
       A Cross Dresser's Many Opportunities

  • Cleveland—Giant Tiger–A Bad Acquisition
       Racial Tensions In The ‘60s A New World For Me
       Volcano Explodes Despite A Black Mayor
       The “Operation Breadbasket” Contract
       Rioting The Japanese And Expo ‘70
       Negotiating Union Contracts Not For The Faint Hearted
       A Demotion Surprise Party

  • Myths, Fallacies and Most Therapists Without A Clue

  • New Jersey Once More
       Move At Own Expense–A Gamble
       Create “Towers Catalog Showroom”–An Upcoming Concept
       Corporate Politics, Sex And Intrigue
       Sam Walton–An Executive To Emulate
       First Home Of My Own And Disappointment
       Showing Dogs–Success And Heartaches
       England—Retracing World War II Memories
       New Orleans–Opening Stores, Demons, Impending Disaster
       Axe Falls–As Expected

The Journey Ending

  • Join Phony Entrepreneur
       Almost Acquire A Paint Sundries Distributor

  • TSS–Seedman—Weirdest Retailer Encountered

  • Seattle—Move To Start Own Business
       Unique Retail Store Gains Popularity
       All Things To All Customers—A Recipe For Failure
       Bankrupt–Every Effort Fails
       Seeking Place In Universe

  • Fred Meyer–One of Few Surviving Discount Chains
       Facing Reality

  • My Raeburn Painting - Gone

  • Ernst Home & Garden—Home Improvement Chain
       Fired—Not Quite

  • Ruminating

  • Home Depot— Customer-Unfriendly Procedures Wag The Dog
       A Conspiracy?


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