This picture is a perfect example of autogynephilia for after all who else would want a 90 year old author?

Post No. 66 is the second half of the preceding post, number 65. We continue with samplings illustrating the wide diversity in feelings, behavior and the raison d’etre voiced by CDs for being what they are — each with their own opinion.

“I dress because I like the comfort, the fashion, the styles and the feel but I have no desire to be a woman.”
Noted that an equal number prefer the restrictive feel of corset, bra or pencil skirt rather than the comfort.
“I do not feel complete without firm support and figure sculpturing. I love the feel of thi-hi hosiery anchored by six stocking snaps.”
“I want to be dressed as a woman, hopefully mistaken for one but I do not want to remain one. I really do not know about my feminine side and really do not care”.
“I dress to let the feminine side run rampant through my closet. While doing so I like beautiful clothes.”
“I want to give full expression to both my masculine and feminine attributes; to soften the harsher aspects of my masculine side; to be all I can be.”
“I’m never the woman I can be without foundation, powder, concealer, rouge, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eye-shadow and brow powder. I always feel and look years younger and really fell naked without my makeup. And finally, a good perfume brings out my femininity. Of course, my toe and fingernail color must match my lipstick. Then I’m ready to pass. Must be careful to wear subdued makeup during the day, when shopping or I won’t blend in. Only then am I me”
“Every three weeks I have a manicure and pedi. My gal is sure to try new colors on my toes. It’s the highlight of the week.”
“I sometimes shop drab but usually en femme in stores that know me and, though all chains are happy to take my money, certain stores are friendlier. It took years to summon the courage to ask to use the lady’s fitting room and even longer to have the ultimate high — to be fitted with the proper size bra or girdle. Now, I understand, most of the major chains provide courses to their sales people on the proper approach and, “for God’s sake, don’t be rude!” The highlight of a shopping spree is when a GG asks me what color nail polish I’m wearing or where did I get those earrings.”
“I’ve learned early on that if I present myself with self-confidence, poise, a smile and a half-way female-pitched voice — I can go and do anything a proper GG can.”
One CD likes to vacation on the Jersey shore while en femme. His day starts with a five mile jog before going to the beach in a bathing suit to acquire a tan. His one complaint is often repeated by others shopping at Malls: “I pass to everyone except teen-age girls. Somehow they invariably start giggling. How they are able to “read” me I’ve no idea.”
“The sound of my heels on concrete and pulling on sheer hosiery over newly shaved legs are my turn ons.”
“CDing gives me considerable satisfaction of that side of me that brings on sweetness, delicacy, feminine behavior, love of colors and fashion trends. Takes me into a lovelier world.”
“When I see a beautiful woman wearing a lovely dress I’m envious of her outfit first — I want to be able to wear it. My attraction to have her in bed is a distant second.”
“I started between 5 and 6 so it wasn’t sexual. Became a sexual turn-on in my teens but not so much since then. Never thought of being with a man because I like everything about a woman too much.”
While the following excerpts from e-mails offer additional motivations, the “Why” for a single conclusive, definitive explanation will remain elusive forever – this writer’s considered opinion.
“Long story short! I decided I’m not hurting anyone so why not make myself happy?”
“I’m not sure I’ll ever know OR if it even matters.”
“My wife said that she finds my taste in music harder to understand than my want/need to wear women’s clothes. So I finally got over the ‘why’ and think of it like everything else.”
“The only answer I can come up with is: I’m just being the true me! If you can’t be true to yourself then who can you be true to?”
Your best course of action is to embrace who you are and celebrate that to the greatest extent possible in your situation.”
“I’ve kept a comfortable income flow my whole life, put a kid through college, crushed anxiety and depression, overcame stuttering and, believe it or not, enjoyed a lot of cross dressing. That’s all there is to it.
“You might as well try to figure out why you like the color red. Just accept yourself and enjoy.”
And lastly passages from the nom de plume “Lorileah” (from on this subject:
“There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why…I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” Robert F. Kennedy
“Is there something there that is pathological? No. Is there something there that will make you a worse person? No. Is there something there that will lead to ruin? Yes if you fret and worry it will consume you.” Reference: More often read this observation of pending disaster among those in transition rather than those in CDing.
They are just clothes. They don’t have magic power. You don’t step into oblivion by donning a dress. You like it; it harms no one, just do it. When the end is near you can be happy or you can be sad because you decided to follow the crowd and not your heart.”
Note: As briefly mentioned previously there is a new breed called “Metro-men”. They often wear clear polish on well-trimmed nails, skin moisturizer with skin-tone foundation, lip gloss, well dressed and no paunch. The difference, basically, is that they do not wear clothes that a CD might; other than bikini or nylon shorts or thongs often made for men, but you must have a slim figure to handle it. Metro-men may also get permanent waves to keep their hair in the style desired. From a sex or gender stand point there is not enough research to label them as other than well groomed men.
Readers may well wonder at what point does a man who has achieved the goal of usually passing (to his own mirror or to others) ever crosses over into the bi-sexual arena or, possibly, he was actually gay but not aware of his orientation until turned on by cross dressing. No, doesn’t work that way. Because one has achieved a high level of proficiency in their presentation doesn’t automatically change one’s gender – you have to have been born that way.
Some CDs mention that when deep in the Pink Fog they may have fantasies of being held in the arms of a strong male. After all, the purpose of dressings, for most, is the desire to appear or feel as female as possible. So naturally when one is accepted or passes in public by GGs and men, the next progression would be to be hit on and then date a male. Nevertheless, when reality sets in we know that 80 to 90% find that acting on that fantasy is repugnant or revolting to the point of mental anguish (Never doubting their born identity).
When one reads comments such as: “Have dated men as a girl for years and love it.” OR
“I want to be loved, feel loved by a man.” — We have entered into that, roughly, 10% of cross dressers who are not heterosexual. They fall into one of the categories discussed earlier in this chapter. In fact they very likely had an unbalance, such as in chromosomes, since pre-birth but were not aware of it until cross dressing brought submerged emotions to the surface. .
Have we discovered a single genetic, hormonal, chromosome, or environmental influence that is responsible for “straight” CDs? The answer is no we haven’t. But what we have found is that there are a number of answers that are equally correct. Excuse the comparison but to make the analogy a statistical one – after huge expenditures in money and talent we now know that there are many cures to cancer just as there are many types of cancer. So we also know that there are many variations in cross dressing and at least as many correct causations.
Environmentally we should include among the possible correct answers a dominant mother who becomes the role model to the baby boy, but since such influences have caused many other dysfunctional outcomes we can only list it as just one more out of dozens of possible causes.
We know there is no “cure” waiting for a gay person (Verified by the AMA.) despite those quacks, and governors,who insist there is. A gay individual may be aware of his orientation early in life or not until having fathered five children; while a CD’s “trigger may happen while a child but the propensity to be a CD may remain suppressed for years until they eventually surface. Meanwhile a spouse or GF, relatives and friends must put up with an irritable, grouchy and often insensitive individual without a clue what is really troubling him.
To once more stress our present insignificance along mankind’s time span — in the context of our dressing habits — we can draw upon Africa, the birthplace of civilization. There remain tribes where only the male members celebrate peace or conflict by wearing the body, face and headdress decorations once ritualized by their ancestors a thousand years ago. Likely they were imitating nature where the male bird flaunts gorgeous colors while the female is drab; or perhaps the male lion with the great mane and the female with no distinguishing markings. No, Mother Nature has always been far ahead of we CDers.                                                                                                          In prior millenniums the reigning pharaohs of Egypt wore eyeliner and makeup. Flash forward to European and Oriental noblemen and higher hierarchy in our history wearing the finest of garments and in some countries wigs as well. It was, obviously, a mark of their social standings. Now suddenly, in the present miniscule period along civilization’s time span, clothing takes on an onerous specious connotation not previously associated with its wearing — a sexual stamp condemning a segment of our population. What judge set these artificial standards?

Obviously our present society has become disoriented. Let’s not perpetuate this artifice!
Evaluate our fellow humans based on their good works and not superficialities. Just my humble opinion.