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Blog number 57 included the following; so to avoid confusion and to make it easier for the reader to pick up the subject of Blog 64 we have copied over the first paragraphs (See below).
“There are those influenced by childhood experiences, through either mother or sister, that encouraged feelings already instilled before birth. “Instilled” in this context refers to influences created by chromosome imbalance, genetics, Harry Benjamin’s Syndrome, the body’s chemistry, wired by imprinting or by one of the other theories and hypotheses that might apply. By puberty they were already bi-sexual/gay and cross-dressing expressed what they soon found to be their true identities — identities not readily acceptable in the outside world. Some among this segment consider themselves as curious and experimenters. They feel more comfortable labeling themselves as gender-curious, gender-fluid, bi-curious or similar appellations. They may be far more attracted to the female body for their entire lives but still enjoy the occasional male with male experience. Some number may gradually find that their interest for a female has waned or never was strong — they, of course, are no longer considered “bi”. The majority of BIs are somewhere in the middle attraction-to-female wise. Further comment in order: A recent post discussed the CDs who vehemently denied being homosexual until the urge to try, one time to be that total woman at least once — and similar reasons. ReineD, our in-house GG, points out that these folks were always gay admitted or not. As a result, as acknowledged by this writer, the percentage now to be covered, albeit briefly, is in reality closer to 20% of the CD population.
A tip of the hat to the many who find that quoting percentages, labeling and generally putting our broad community into specific boxes is upsetting, unnecessary, unwarranted and not very scientific. Is it necessary? No more so than is the study of archeology and demographics valuable in enabling us to better understand our world today. Unearthing our family roots has taken on revived popularity in mid-2014, Why? I dare say that it’s probably human nature to know how one fits into the grand scheme of the billions of creatures whirling around this globe. With that intent in mind those who wish to be left alone to live life in the manner they chose with whatever happiness encountered should not be hindered or burdened in that pursuit by our feeble attempt to sort out our odd actions..

This post, (Blog No.64,) will briefly present, with some overlap, the theories, hypothesis and professional opinions of those who venture to explain the “whys” of our behavior, albeit varied.
In addition to those described above there are: cross dressers who live and work 24/7 as women — the majority of “straight” CDs, not happy with being lumped together with this life-style, prefer to assign the Latin word “transvestite” to this group; bi-sexual — those who have little or no compunction to having sex with either gender, though many in that group don’t consider themselves as homosexual for they are equally or more attracted to women; transgendered, or gender dysphoria — are unhappy with the gender identity given them at birth but live inside society’s patterns but as the other gender. This group and part of the group called “transsexual” might be born with chromosome imbalance. Chromosomes are groups of genes composed of DNA and proteins that are located within the nucleus of our cells. One such pair determines sex. The male sperm cell contains an X, Y or both. Fertilizing the female egg the result might be XX, or female and XY as male.
However a whole host of internal body or external factors sometimes cause mutations. For example, a XXYY in males would cause some or all of these characteristics: small testicles, enlarged breasts or high pitched voices. Imagine the havoc in that youngster’s psyche as he grows up.
Perhaps 1 to 2% of births present a dilemma to both the parents and attending physician — born with the female’s internal sexual and reproductive parts but with male external genitals. Those present at such a birth don’t have the ability to determine whether the baby’s mind is inclined towards male or female. The decision by the doctor may easily cause a male to later wish to revert to the female role and change the genitals to the labia, clitoris, vulva and vagina of the female. In 2010 an extreme example made the news with the father, over several years, giving Caesarean birth to three babies with his female organs and then turning the babies over to his wife to nurse (Yes, he still had his male parts.).

What is Harry Benjamin’s Syndrome? It is a congenital intersex condition that develops before birth (1 in 500) involving the differentiation between male and female. A girl with this Syndrome would have a female’s brain sex but her genitals would appear male — reverse with males. Fortunately, countries like the Netherlands have been able to recognize and start corrective treatment before puberty. It is a physiological condition and not psychiatric; it is not “transsexual” but a brain relationship with gender that, to this day, confuses the medical community when they don’t have quality diagnosis. Thus it is not a mental disorder but the result of a fetal abnormality impossible to identify before birth. Before leaving Dr. Benjamin — should mention his controversial scale dealing with the entire spectrum. He also tries to merge the Kinsey scale into this work. According to Benjamin the least intense level are those who “Get occasional kick out of dressing — in masturbation fantasies mainly.” This writer gets thrown by his indicating that the individual may be hetero or gay. At the other end of this scale – labeled Kinsey 6 – “dressing gives insufficient relief as does psychotherapy, conversion operation necessary as self-mutilation or suicide are the only alternatives”.
In a recent blog we offered a promising explanation to the question what causes a small segment of the male population to react to the trigger theory. Though still a hypothesis in summary it goes like this:
This biological model says that cross-dressers have their brain hard-wired to interpret cross-dressing as actual contact with a female. When they feminize themselves their brain goes into action and releases a host of neurotransmitters, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc. which produce the sensations of well-being, comfort, pleasure, sexual gratification and bonding. It affects the reward centers of the brain, instant gratification, and thus it mimics the addiction response. It cannot be “cured” because you cannot stop your brain from releasing neurotransmitters.
So exactly how does this small percentage of the male population get their brains wired this way??? The answer goes back to synaptogenesis and neural pruning. There are certain critical periods in brain development when your brain creates a myriad of neural connections. In fact, you have the most synaptic connections when you are 12 months old. Then through the learning process, these connections are either reinforced or pruned.
So too the terms: “Androgyny” and “Hermaphrodite” are physiological or behavioral ambigenders that pertain to this chapter on cross dressing only slightly as those males afflicted are but a small segment of the community and are not considered cross dressers. Nevertheless, we have come to learn that the now old cliché, “a female trapped in a man’s body” in so many cases can be a reality. So the transsexual group may or may not be created solely by physical miscues at birth. In fact, as previously discussed, one may consider themselves as being a TS without having any physical abnormalities.
Only 1 to 2% of all the groups mentioned earlier ever elect reconstructive surgery. Add perhaps another 1% who would like to but can’t afford it. The percentage remains small for another reason: responsible doctors doing reassignment surgery require would-be transitioners to live 24/7 as a female for a full year to make certain of their determination to transition. Hormone regimen usually is started at this time to build up estrogen levels. Some decide during this period to keep their genitals because being male has its advantages or that becoming a female requires too much daily bothersome upkeep (makeup, clothing and household chores among other time-consuming chores) along with physical concerns that are not encountered by males.
That small percent in the transgender and transsexual groups who wish to keep their genatilia sometimes opt for breast augmentatation as a mental and physical compromise. The public audience at an “All Men Girlie Show” night club may see a few in this group who have turned to movies and night clubs to earn a living — and generally this audience comes away with the impression: “Freaks” or “She-males”, without an inkling of the tortuous trail bringing them to public display. A chapter has already been presented concerning female impersonators in the entertainment industry — no relationship.
We have covered the non-heterosexual segment of our community with a broad brush for good reason — we aren’t qualified to delve further into complicated medical dissertations nor would it further our objective to bring to you all available information pertaining to the world of cross dressing as it is brought to our attention.






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