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We were going to begin viewing the non-heterosexual cross dressers and how they relate to the majority segment of the spectrum; however a recent offering was too intriguing to put on hold. This writer (Julie) holds to the “trigger” theory in that all males, sometime in their formative years,are exposed to feminine-related inanimate objects that usually belonged to a mother or sister. For the vast majority there is no reaction other than, perhaps, curiosity; however for reasons unknown a small percentage do react, though it may be years later before the consequences surface as CDing. Why does the trigger work for so few? What do they possess that permits, and even requires a reaction? Recently an answer, all or in part, surfaced in cross (The largest site of its kind.) by a long-time CDer who wishes to be identified as “WPDP” for purposes of linking this work with its creator. He has no professional training in most of the many disciplines associated with this subject except for biology where he does have formal training, and with some work in Alzheimer research. As a young man he did search libraries for anything hinting on CDing — scarce information prior to the Internet. With that said we can’t very well present this as a “theory” but rather a hypothesis, a premise, a thesis, a supposition or postulate until such time it is proved or disproved over coming generations. A behaviorist researcher did find substance relating to his field, while a few others have trouble differentiating early on gender attraction to a female as not having to be sexual — at a time the baby knew there was a gender difference, period. Another adds a “culture” ingredient to the mix though not germane here. Research already provides convincing evidence to the hard-wiring progress that’s mostly complete by age six so, logically, the premise that synesthesia plays a role is hardly far fetched. Admit that we did censor out a few percentages as apposing guesstimates would distract from the crux of this work and really aren’t relevant. Finally, the author (Julie) finds much of the following does plugs holes comfortably where there were empty spaces previously.

“Here is a new theory on the true cause of why some men cross-dress. Basically, the field of psychology has not provided an accurate or helpful explanation for the cross-dressing community. That is because the model should not be based on psychology but neurology.

For the most part cross-dressers are seen as normal, healthy, heterosexual men who gainfully function in society as doctors, pastors and engineers, just as well as the general public. Their cross dressing is not a result of childhood trauma as they do not exhibit any signs of being mentally disturbed, nor are they schizophrenic. The sensations they claim they feel from cross dressing are not a result of a delusion or vivid imagination, rather they are the result of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, which are activated in their cross dressing experience.

This biological model says that cross dressers have their brain hard-wired (See author’s previous notes on imprinting and wiring.) to interpret cross dressing as actual contact with a female. When they feminize themselves their brain goes into action and releases a host of neurotransmitters, dopamine, serotonin,oxytocin, etc., which produce the sensations of well-being, comfort, pleasure, sexual gratification and bonding. It affects the reward centers of the brain, instant gratification, and thus it mimics the addiction response. It cannot be “cured” because you cannot stop your brain from releasing neurotransmitters.

So exactly how does this small percentage of the male population (Approximately X percent.) get their brains wired this way??? The answer goes back to synaptogenesis and neural pruning. There are certain critical periods in brain development when your brain creates a myriad of neural connections. In fact, you have the most synaptic connections when you are 12 months old. Then through the learning process, these connections are either reinforced or pruned. (Author’s note: At this point in development recent findings indicate that influences to the wiring process may include not only the child’s environment but possibly also genetic in nature.):There is another critical period of synaptogenisis and pruning during adolescence. (This correlated well with cross dressers who say that their cross-dressing began in early childhood,  or during puberty. {Author’s note: a smaller percent claim that they were never aware of these inclinations until well into adulthood — so further study is required though does not diminish the thesis offered}. Occasionally this process maintains some unusual neural connection between sensory pathways. For instance, a person may see colors associated with numbers. Or, a person may experience taste sensations associated with hearing certain words. When a person has a neurological condition where stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory pathway it is called synthesthesis.

So, compulsive cross-dressing may be seen as having a form of synthesthesis. When approximately 97% of the male population can wear a skirt they feel nothing but humiliation. However, the balance will experience actual contact with a female {See first paragraph above regarding misconstruing possible sexual connotations.} Their brain will release neurotransmitters and they will experience all the sensations. These are real, not imagined. It is automatic, involuntary and profoundly affects the person.

Psychology only comes in play when the person tries to cope with his form of synesthesia. He tries to make sense of his experience and may wonder if he feels contact with a female because he is female. Or, it may be entirely sexual. He may adopt a female alter ego. Or, he may satisfy himself with one or two articles of clothing and not  accept himself as female at all. The entire spectrum of cross-dressing is explained by our personal interpretation of the synesthesia sensations. Because the neurotransmitters are real, and part of our biology, it means that  all the spectrum of cross-dressing is valid. The only persons living outside of reality are those who have this form of synesthesia and then deny this part of their person.”

Additional observations by WPDP will be found in the forthcoming Post # 55.