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Early psychiatric studies found a correlation, or further explanation, in the conditioned response or “imprint” factor after the early withdrawal of a parent whereby the child then projects its affection on an inanimate object — often a garment once worn by that parent.– hence a source for later fetish behavior. Recently there has been further studies of imprinting. We have seen behavior work done with goslings of Canadian Geese — a biologist became the surrogate mother to some six goslings, hand fed and reared them. Then, when they were able to take wing, he had them follow his ultra-lite plane from Maine to a southern state. The geese wintered there and came back to their former home in the Spring. Considering that a bird’s brain is considerably smaller than a human baby’s, and that recent findings indicate that most of the billions of neurons are electrically connected from inutero to about age six and then this wiring action continues at a slower pace in the teen years, one must seriously consider to what extent the inclinations to cross dress had become imprinted. Variations of the following tales are told by innumerable CDs of their childhood experiences: Grew up in large families where their major daily contacts  were with sisters and very little affection provided by mother; A career mother who had little time to spend with their child (I was one), but the craving for female affection remained; A mother who had wished for a girl  baby so she dressed and treated the baby as that gender even up to high school age; Boy baby dressed and played with by sister(s) as another sister and often went out shopping with their “sister”. Interestingly, grandparents would carry on this subterfuge — treating the child as a girl — during summer vacation visits. Now add a research paper featured in “Sixty Minutes” on TV where babies were seperately exposed to two puppets — the “Good” puppet wearing clothes of a different style and color from the “Bad” puppet. The good puppet stood in an open box and then the bad puppet slammed the box closed with the other puppet inside. The babies who had not yet reached the speaking level were then individually shown both puppets — without exception each baby wanted to cuddle the “Good” puppet — obviously knowing good from bad, right from wrong behavior without ever having been instructed to do so in their few years of living. “Proof” is hard to come by, but one can’t help to wonder how much those very early years were influenced by imprinted proclivities towards cross dressing. Must point out in order to avoid confusion that those pre-puberty children who immediately gravited to feminine articles and activities and knew, or suspected, that they were born in “the wrong gender body” are not the subject of the above for in those situations unbalanced chromosomes or wiring (Described by H. Benjamin) are the causation.

From my own experience and countless others — many CDs encountered an article of their mother’s or sister’s clothing, relative applying makeup and similar feminine exposures before they had reached puberty — the majority had this very first experience while less than six years old. The one explanation that makes sense to this writer is that these experiences, even of short duration, “triggered” something in the wiring of the brain so that within the next ten years, and in many — twenty to forty years later — did they become aware of an urge to cross dress — set the stage for the emergence of cross dressing.

Yet, for reasons still not understood, the majority of males early on exposed to the exact same experiences never react in the same manner. Why the ambiguity? Evidently that “trigger” reacts to imprints on only some children but not to most. Further, the majority of those who develop in this direction will remain fixated to a particular fetish for years before, as previously observed, the desire to broaden the experience of cross dressing becomes the prime motivation.


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Still on the subject of available resources are the transformation shops, by appointment only, found in almost every medium and large city.Most are owned and operated by post-op transexuals for, after all, they are very understanding and empathetic to fearful first-time customers. A CD may arrive for their appointment fully dressed, dress after arriving or, if they don’t possess feminine clothes – such shops are able to supply all their needs.Those first-timers who think they are coming for a sexual encounter are quickly thrown out. One’s own hair is styled as it would in a beauty shoppe  or a proper wig is selected and styled to the client’s features. Body hair are removed as needed by one of several methods and eyebrows shaped by waxing, plucking or knitting. A manicure and pedicure are completed with correct color coordination to lipstick application. A cosmetician demonstrates the proper methods and what are the best colors in make-up for the most effective facial transformation. Ear piercing provided. Instruction begins on how to walk and move  gracefully — legs, arms and torso — and smile often. For the hundreds of dollars paid — half up front, the services rendered haven’t yet ended.

Voice training is optional as there are special sources available elsewhere both in person and on disks. More than half of customers don’t partake in formal instruction but rather work on softening their speach on their own or with help of spouse or GF.Usually, however, instruction is still provided suggesting short phrases to best use for ordering a meal or shopping.

After the transformation is complete the client may have the option, after a photo shoot of this, the most exciting experience of their lives up to then, to join other CDs being “made-over” or only with the instructress, to shop and have dinner at a restaurant. With a full day over, the CD may check into a CD-friendly motel or go on his/her way.Those that can afford it often come back every year or so to hone their skills in appearance and presentation.

Do all cross dressers hope to “pass”, that is, be viewed close up as GGs (genetic girls)? The answer is as varied as the CD community is wide. All those that are beginning transition, all the way to post-op, wish with all their hearts, to be visually transformed. Sadly, hormones and genitalia surgery is not sufficient for most to “pass”. Body and facial structure remain male unless further surgery can be afforded facially and to the vocal chords. For most of this group they have to be satisfied with the fact that they are now female and go to the necessary courts for name and sex ID changes. Albeit they may not be the prettiest in appearance but neither are most females. Exceptions: many of those who make this transition are sure from an early age that they were born in the wrong body; and indeed through unbalance in chromosomes or mental wiring (The H. Benjamin Syndrome) they initially may have more female characteristics than male. When the transition is made before adulthood there is a good possibility that further modifications needed may be minor if at all.

I digress from the above question. The vast majority of CDs do not wish to become totally female and are happy keeping their male parts, i.e., the best of both worlds. And among this majority are those who want to present as close as possible to female when they are en femme — which may be all the time (at work and at home), or more commonly, only when away from the work place or, for the closeted ones, only at home with wife, girlfriend or family privy or not to their activities. Diversity of motivation doesn’t stop here for a small percentage are willing to accept public ridicule by only wearing articles of feminine clothing, some underdress in lingerie and some not, with no attempt to shave, wear makeup or long hair. Their reasoning is that they merely enjoy wearing clothes in which they feel most comfortable. My guess is that they also feel that they are strong enough to ward off attacks by ultra conservatives and bullies. To stamp out another myth — the above diversity in CD inclinations has no apparent correlation as to whether they are heterosexual, bi-sexual or gay. Further, those who do transition are no longer any of the above three labels but are now female for all intents and purposes.