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In addition, the Internet furnishes names and locations of monthly club meetings taking place monthly, or whenever, in most cities. Such meetings may be of cross dressers in only one spectrum of the community, such as those in pre-op CD transitioning, or the meetings may be all inclusive from the occasional dresser to the transsexual. Annual conventions from coast to coast and cruises that include members of the entire community are offered on the web. These meets usually include the SO (Significant Other) – male or female, wife or girl-friend — wonderful ways to bring closet dressers out of seclusion and give them confidence. Hundreds of web sites that heretofore catered to genetic females (GGs) now include larger sized garments or items specifically designed for CD consumers in their advertising. Examples include Victorian-styled lace-up corsets custom fitted to male dimensions that include training corsets to be worn 24/7 until their $300 to $600 purchase arrives; shapewear manufacturers offer special hip and butt pads individually or as part of girdles along with breast pad inserts. Other suppliers provide realistic plastic clitoris and vagina strap-ons —- the good ones are expensive. In make-up the MAC and Dermablend brands stand out. The MAC counters in department stores or in their own Mall stores now have established a reputation for not only attracting GGs but a high percentage of CDs who are greeted by friendly sales persons happy to provide make-overs, how-to instructions and, of course,to sell their products. The Dermablend concealers apparantly are among the most effective in hiding beard growth. That is not to say that every makeup brand do not have their CD followers both online and in stores. With that said, most cross dressers first learn their make-up skills through the help of accepting sisters, girl-friends or wives.

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