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Another element that has, up to now, existed as a tool for sexual arousal but was never covered before in this chapter is pornography. Certainly it has existed in various vehicles such as X-rated films in theaters and DVDs for home viewing long before the Internet became the source of choice. While it was a multi-billion dollar industry before, now it has grown exponentially with the advent of the Internet. We also know that sex therapists have professionally employed pornographic materials to help solve certain issues that both individuals and couples may encounter that keeps them from having satisfactory sexual experiences.

So what does that have to do with cross dressing? Well, heretofore this writer understood that the fetish factor was a suficient additional turn-on for CDs. That is,”additional” when needed because the partner, usually a genetic female, was not, for various reasons, the primary causation for erection. Now we have found that the use of pornography among CDs  is far more wide spread than heretofore believed. The reasons for this are no different than when applying the same reasons found in the general male population. The most common one is that teenagers, boys in particular, with hormones raging found magazines and especially the Internet presenting a new world of sexual activity. No wonder that many became addicted while still in their early teens. Then, a bit later in life, even though they might be madly in love with girl friend or spouse, that addiction remains and an erection is unlikely without that aid. There are probably millions of couples that regularly turn to pornography.when one or both partners find that this added stimulation improves their sex lives.

Enter the cross dresser into the above equation for the percentage of addicted CDs is likely to be not much different than this addiction in the general population. For a moment let’s turn back to the fetishist. We have found, as previously noted, that the fetish stage is just that — a stage.Yes, there is a minority where the fetish factor remains for a lifetime their primary reason for dressing but we will exclude them from this discussion. Okay, in time — some in a shorter time than others — that fetish stage dwindles in importance but seldom goes away completely as long as libido remains.The CDer addicted to pornography finds the need is greater than ever once that fetish factor loses whatever influence it had towards stimulation. As opposed to cross dressing, this addiction can be cured with sufficient motivation, with the mate the usual motivator. However, the partner may be just as stimulated and this addiction will remain just that — not a crime and no harm done.

Since we want to update this chapter whenever new information comes our way, it becomes incumbent that we include this segment of the CD community.