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At first glance it may seem odd that organizations formed to serve the gay communities generally do not take kindly to CD groups for their interests lie far apart — the object of their affection is not the same. Most male homosexuals are attracted to males while most cross dressers (Those that are heterosexual.) remain attracted only to females — the opposite sex.That said, it’s not all black and white. There are pre-op CDs, roughly fifteen percent that are bi-sexual or fully gay but have no desire to transition to totally female. Some will even have breast augmentation or facial surgery but still wish to live in both worlds. Then there are those CDs who have begun the transition process  to become physically female or have  completed the process and are now female in name and live as females. This latter small group are no longer considered cross dressers for obvious reasons. To add to one’s confusion it is common for CDs in a small town who desire to emerge from the “closet” but have tribulations meeting the local citizens in a neighborhood bar or restaurant. Generally there are gay bars and other gathering places available that usually make them sufficiently welcome in that CDs are comfortable visiting such establishments. However, in larger cities crossdressing individuals do find meeting places of persons with similar inclinations without having to mingle with those of a different persuasion.  At Mardi Gras or annual gay parades in many cities spectators do see Drag Queens (discussed elsewhere) and Kings (females cross dressed) walking or on floats as well as gay men and gay couples in those parades .Often heterosexual or “straight” cross dressers will join such celebrations in order to make personal statements that they  are striving for attention to their existence and, like the gays, also wish for society’s acceptance.So for the onlookers at these parades — they may very well be confused as to who are straight and who are not.


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