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In fact, the reasons for being a CD are so varied that up to now a single label or cause does not suffice although various professional “experts” are wrestling with a number of adjectives. The homosexual and Bi portions of cross dressing (about 20%) already have their identity established by the American Medical Association as as a distinct genetic group and not a malady or curable. The problem, if there is one, would be that cross dressing has not been studied by the medical community  to the same extent due to its diversity. .As a result very few therapists have the knowledge to counsel a young CD properly and must rely on their limited experience — if any. Consequently the patient and their family are often directed into unsustainable actions that brings  with it children ostracized by parents or even suicide. The fact is that cross dressing is not curable! It might be sublimated for a period of time but not reversible.

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