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But sadly, there is no national or international support organizations representing those in the group of, approximately, 80% straight CDs while they are still in their formative years — a time when the most support is needed. While homosexuals are well represented in those younger years by major associations of parents and families such as PFLAG and COLAGE,  they have only Tri-Ess International. The purpose of that group is “to encourage open dialogue to guide our sisters and their loved ones towards a better understanding of the phenomenon of adult — over 18 — cross dressing and how it relates to their individual lives and relationships.” Unfortunately they do not have the resources , as yet, to reach out to the parents of teenagers or younger.

The myth or confusion most prevalent is that cross dressing is a definite indication that the person encountered must be homosexual. Easy to understand for most of us in our school years had met effeminate or “sissy” kids that we called “fagots” and worse and equated with homosexuality (Those children’s problems we will soon cover). The reasoning follows that those children must also have the inclination for female clothes when growing up. In fact most of those met will never have an interest in crossdressing. The reality is that about 85% of all CDs are straight or heterosexual. Their interests and vocations pretty much follows a cross section of our population, i.e., many having wives and children, actually having higher education levels than the norm, and entering work arenas that we might think of as “macho” such as truck drivers, coal miners and airline pilots.


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