CROSS DRESSING Myths, Fallacies and Most Therapists Without A Clue

Post No. 20

Accepting mates often solve their own mental habits to “pigeon hole” emotions by assigning a female name to their partner when he is fully dressed “en femme”. So “Jane” frequently becomes his wife’s girlfriend to go shopping and together using the fitting rooms in department stores or the women’s public restrooms. Once the humdrum existence of everyday living returns the husband once again reverts to his given birth-name — just like calling a genie out of a bottle. The occasional swapping of roles in sex play is a not uncommon suggestion by therapists for couples to improve their love making. Accepting mates often go further and both dress as females around the house and in the bedroom. I quote from more than one CD and his GG (geneticgirl) who find that having “Jane” in bed for not only sleeping but for sex play is a “Blast”.

CROSS DRESSING Myths, Fallacies And Most Therapists Without A Clue

Post No. 19

“Accepting” a CD’s life style by a wife or girlfriend is is also far ranging. There are those GGs (genetic girls) that help or solely buy their significant other’s wardrobe including such items as bras, lace-up Victorian corsets and “baby-doll” sleepwear; help them with their make-up and perhaps teach them female mannerisms needed to  “pass”. Often when the male partner has accomplished close to an acceptable level they might go shopping, dine, or go to a movie (A high for most CDs). Most of the time such total acceptance is encouraged by a desire to make and keep a loved one happy; however a very few have secret motives not divulged to their partner. One is a desire to sisify for reasons too complex to cover in this chapter and another is that the GG is actually a closeted or open bi-sexual, that is lesbian in nature.

In a mutual desire to share the full range of feminine emotions experienced by their partners a segment of CDs have been encouraged to use a douch and tampons for the few days in the month that their partner has a “period”. This desire is really not that strange when one realizes that adult stores sell numerous anal toys that evidently bring pleasure to both sexes even though that isn’t the purpose of the above effort to replicate.