Myths,Fallacies and Therapists without a Clue

   Many CDs believe that one should always be honest with a chosen mate  so they divulge their secret before marriage.

On the flip side, others believe that once they have been married for a period of time and the initial lover’s passion has subdued to be replaced with a more lasting bond of

love, then revealing their proclivities has a greater chance to be accepted (Except some wives then

believe “What other secrets is he hiding?”).

Both approaches have merit.


Myths, Fallacies and most Therapists without a Clue

A critic to the compatability estimates comments that perhaps some of the “accepting” wives do so not out of love but because they either depend on their mate financially, don’t want a divorce in consideration of children or simply don’t have enough confidence that they are able to find another partner. One can’t dispute that some of these factors might influence those accepting 42% though more likely these are probably reasons why  some of the 16% segment that tolerate do so rather than just divorce. I personally can’t imagine that a spouse who buys her mate’s female clothes and makeup does so for any other reason than it makes both partners happy sharing this activity. Consider too that many unmarried couples share in these same activities and don’t depend on the other partner financially so I would have to delegate that financial influence to being a minor bonding factor.