CROSS DRESSING Myths, Fallacies and Most Therapists Without a Clue

Post No. 16

In male garb (drab) you would, most likely, never spot a CD. Though you will discover some CDs have trimmed or plucked eyebrows and manicured nails to make them more passable when “en femme”. Then again you may be wrong as “Metro-men” and just good grooming may be the reason. More about that later.

Married? Over their lifetime more than 50% are or have been married and most of those have children (Pretty close to statistics for general population.). And how are they viewed by their wives? Well, about 42% are accepting and supportive; 25% are accepting but don’t encourage it; 16% tolerate as long as their husbands keep their preferences out of sight of themselves and their children and 10% consider cross dressing as unacceptable. These percentages are considerably affected by the degree of love between partners going into marriage or, more frequently, when the mate is either discovered or confesses which may happen years after taking the marriage vows. If a GG (genetic girl) truly loves her mate she is accepting as his “hobby”  brings him pleasure. Further, the man invariably becomes more compassionate, attentive and tender in their relationship. One hears comments ike, “I don’t care what he wants to wear as long as he’s happy for I love him very much.” Or, “He still has all his male parts and our sex lives seem to be better because of it”.

CROSS DRESSING Myths, Fallacies and Most Therapists Without a Clue

Post No. 15

Mannerisms? Very few straight CDs exhibit effeminate mannerisms while in male “drab”. In fact the reverse is true. Exaggerated macho images — in fear of being spotted — are more likely the norm. Even when en femme, exaggerated effeminate behavior is contrary to the desire  to blend in. Sure many women don’t act feminine at all — not the idea! Instead, one should walk, gesture, eat, sit and generally act like a well brought up lady would. In fact acting “over feminine” is a dead giveaway unless you are a Drag Queen and in recent years even these impersonators have cut back on such exaggerating.

Where found? In all 50 states with greater concentrations in the larger cities. Why? Males may find their desires to be CDs more often when preteen or teen, and less often realize the need only when reaching the twenties or later. Since predestined CDs are born in rural, suburban and urban areas in close to the same proportion, the rural or country small towns become a mine field of possible detection — provided those irate parents of “outed” CDs haven’t already thrown them into the streets. So as soon as financially possible CDs usually seek the larger cities for several reasons: To find comfort and support from those with similar inclinations and to easier blend in with the populace among other more mundane goals like finding suitable work.