Myths, Fallacies and Most Therapists Without a Clue

   They come in all shapes and sizes from 6-foot 2 inches, or taller, to maybe 5-foot 4 inches. Nevertheless it is much easier for a CD to “pass” who is 5-foot 10 inches or less (without heels) for genetic girls (GGs) are more likely to average shorter. Weight covers the same range as the rest of the population though most serious CD practioners try to be as slim as possible vis-a-vis their physiques. Sadly, as more women in our country become obese so do their counterparts in the cross dressing community.

MYths, Fallacies and Most Therapists Without a Clue

In occupation CDs are electricians, school teachers, captains of commercial airlines, coal miners, stock brokers, college professsors, computer scientists, truck drivers or perhaps your family attorney. Some have retired from military service while many were or still are in such “macho” groups as Naval jet fighter squadrons, Airborne Rangers Special Ops and so on. Recently a thread was run on forum asking for a response to “Veteran dressers are among us EVERYWHERE”. I was amazed at the hundreds of answers by individuals reporting their military service. Among them were: Vietnam 173rd Airborne, Ranger Company, two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, “Served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam”, “Just back from third tour (1-Iraq, 2 in Afghanistan).”. “Retired after 28 years in Navy, posted all over the world.” And a comment: “I’ll tell ya one thing, we may wear heels and like to look pretty but we could kick some serious butt if asked to do it again”. My question: When on earth do they have the opportunity to dress? Keep in mind that the military’s policy on CDs has, up to now been the same as with gays, i.e.., out you go.