CROSS DRESSING Myths, Fallacies and Therapists Without a Clue

Post No. 12

Who are they? In age they may be five years old or 85 year old senior citizens. Appears that most who have settled into their own true skin have done┬áso by age 50. Of key interest: the majority (at least 70%) have this inclination before puberty whether acted upon then or at a future time in their lives — the “trigger” had, nevertheless, been sprung.

CROSS DRESSING Myths, Fallacies and Most Therapists Without A Clue

Post No. 11

I turn instead for assistance to the strides in Internet expansion of CD related websites dealing with not only social issues but a large number providing resources from clothing to makeup. Furthermore internet conventional women’s specialty and department store offshoots have jumped on the bandwagon and now provide sizes and fashions suitable for both genders. To keep such a large and varied e-commerce in business I can comfortably draw on over sixty years in retailing to make an educated estimate that between 6 and 7 million “Straight” CDs are currently underdressing or part-time to 24/7 “out” in the U.S. alone. Obviously there is a definite correlation between the increase in the number of CDs and the increasing proliferation of Internet resources available to or even solely catering to CDs. Add to this Internet activity the current CD meeting groups now accessible in every major town, nightclubs, conventions, cruises and resorts now thriving and the above estimates become even more realistic.

CROSS DRESSING Myths, Fallacies And Most Therapists Without A Clue

Post No. 10

How many are there? The 2010 Census reported 318 million persons of which roughly half were checked off as “male”. In the 2000 Census various questionable estimates chronicled 3 million “underdressers” and 1.2 million who were “out” all or part of the time. Ten years later, extrapolating a 318 million population then there might be over 5 million heterosexual, homosexuals and BI males who are cross dressers if that premise was followed.

A note of caution: U.S Census have never provided any other gender question other than male and female so estimating the number of CDs may only use the Census to provide the total number of persons in the U.S.