The Very First Blog – CROSS DRESSING Myths, Fallacies And Most Therapist Without A Clue!

Post. No. 6

Scared! This is the very first blog in a series building on the chapter, “Myths, Fallacies and Most Therapists Without a Clue” found in my award-winning memoir, Never Climbed His Mountain – Second Edition.

It is strongly suggested that you first read the above mentioned chapter before visitingĀ  my website,, and clicking on “Blogs” (Also can be reached through Google and Amazon.). Even though most information in that chapter are still valid the sole purpose of the BlogsĀ  is to update data as well as provide new findings as research makes it available.

NOTE: The blog/posts begin as number 6. Reason? While doing periodic editing this writer found five posts that were not relevant to the prime purpose which continues to be shedding light on the confusing subject of cross dressing. Numerous books have been written chronicling the experiences of an individual or a couple but, I dare say, there is no other work available that brings nine years of information, gathered from many hundreds of sources into one place. Said work consists of the chapter in my memoir and these, soon to be completed, seventy-three blogs.

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